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About Us

Name: Rianne Gordon aka Techy Chique

Age: 19

Hometown: Derby

Style Outlet: Online niche shops

Personal Style: I’d say my personal style is usually very cute but I do like to make it a little edgier sometimes. I like to wear cute but then have studs or my black boots or just anything random just to vary it up and make it something different.

Fave item of clothing: I’d usually say it’s my UGGS but more recently it’s my denim shirt because it just goes with everything!

Style Icons: Audrey Hepburn & Fearne Cotton


Name: Veronica Foo aka Va Va Voo

Age: 17

Hometown: Dublin

Style Outlet: Markets (Hong Kong’s Lady Market and Goldfish Market) and places where they sell 1 of a kind clothing

Personal Style: My style changes really, I feel comfortable in every style. I like to wear jewellery at all times and I confess that I have an OBSESSION with pocket watches and compass necklaces. When in doubt I wear my leather or denim jacket.

Fave item of clothing: My denim jacket that I got when I was 10.

Style Icons: Agyness Deyn


Name: Julija Maria aka Louis Babble

Age: 19

Hometown: Norway

Style Outlet: University

Personal style: Burberry-like, a mixture of rock chick and lady like.

Fave item of clothing: black studded leather jacket

Style icon: Agyness Deyn and a piece of Alexa Chung


Name: Michelle Clark aka Vintage Chick

Hometown: Essex

Style Outlet: Vintage & Charity Shops

Fave Item of Clothing: Pleated peach skirt

Personal Style: I like wearing clothes from the bygone era- dungarees, polka dot shirts and tweed skirts. My style is quite quirky and backdated.

Style Icon: Alexa Chung & Mischa Barton


Name: Yasmin Laggoune AKA High-Street Hunny

Age: 19

Hometown: Sunny Sea shells that is Eastbourne!

Style Outlet: Mainstream high street shops. Ideal for those who want to look like their fave pop diva!

Personal Style: My style varies dependant on my mood but most of the time it will be something feminine and vibrant. I love to look glamorous in the evening opting for a LBD (Little black dress). In the daytime I like to go for something floral and colourful!

Fave item of clothing: It has to be my black leather jacket. I can wear it in the day with a floral dress or in the evening if I want to give my outfit a more edgy look. It’s a lifesaver!

Style Icons: Rihanna, Kelly Brooke, Beyonce and Jameela Jamil.

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  1. May 22, 2011 2:48 am

    I would LOVE to work with you ladies! Love your work. X

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