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The music and fashion relationship

April 4, 2011

Every genre of music has a distinct dress code. In the 50s we had Elvis notoriously defining the extremes of rock style with signature black pants and the studded leather jacket. Today, we have Lady Gaga ‘s controversial outfits, from her meat dress to her egg shaped props shocking the audience, “doing what Madonna did back in the day”, says Ben Gilbert, music journalist.

Being in the industry for 15 years, Gilbert has interviewed the likes of Marilyn Manson, Beyonce and Bono.  He graced us with his knowledge on fashion in the music industry. Check out the video to see which girl group he refers to as strippers and which band has the perfect look.


Q: In the 15 years that you’ve been working as a music journalist, how have you noticed music influence fashion?

A: You can infuse your music with dressing up. It becomes natural part of life as a musician. The Strokes in 2000 got it perfect, wearing the skinny jeans and converses.

Q: So can image overtake the importance of music?

A: Getting the package together is important it gives the artist real potential. If you infuse music with street style you’re are going to go somewhere. There is nothing more boring then four guys playing a guitar. There is also nothing worse then a manufactured style.

Q: How much, if ever, does your work incorporate fashion?

A: I wrote a blog about Lady Gaga it was called “Where does lady Gaga get her outfit from”. I did research and analysed the house of Gaga.

Q: What is the future of the convergence of music and fashion?

A: I’m unsure. There will become a time when Gaga will create her own fashion range. We already have that with Lily Allen’s boutique.

Q: Is there any musicians that you imitate, style wise?

A: Not really. There was one time when I brought a Reiss jacket and it made me look like I was from Kasabian.

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