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Ben Gilbert Profile

April 4, 2011

Today at the University of Westminster we will be graced by the presence of music journalist Ben Gilbert. So here’s a background on him.

Gilbert’s journey towards music journalism began in his mid teens when he was “as seduced by the world of rock and roll.”

“I kind of feel like that was sort of a magical era. It was just a different time. I think because the music at that time was in its infancy people didn’t know what to expect next.”

He attended Harlow College studying NCTJ, National Council for the Training of Journalists, for three years. He continued on to work in a local newspaper East Anglian Daily Times writing primarily on local news covering the county magistrate court, local police station, murder scenes and terrorist attacks. He finally broke into music journalism in 1997 Gilbert began freelancing for a music magazine called ‘Select’, which primarily covered Britpop and sadly has been discontinued.  Then for a year in 1999 he worked for ‘Melody Maker‘ covering gigs and album reviews.

And then came the boom where he discovered the power of online journalism. Presently he works as a music journalist for Yahoo! Music. Over the years he has interviewed a wide range of music artists from. 8 minutes with the “glittering” and “intimidating” Beyoncé. An hour with the “extremely intellegent” Marilyn Manson.

Q: What was the best? An hour with Marilyn Manson or 8 minutes with Beyoncé?

A: The hour with Marilyn Manson. In the sense that the interview with Beyoncé was quite traumatic. She just sort of sat in front of you glittering like a diamond or something. I found her really really intimidating which is surprising given the fact that Marilyn Manson is 7 ft high because he’s wears his massive heels and he looks like he just died. And we had to do the interview in the dark to give it a sort of spooky feel. I was more relaxed in his company. Really smart guy. And this was just after Columbine so he was a really controversial figure at that time. But Beyoncé’s lovely. I suppose she just tows the party line really. For 8 minutes.

Urban Flair’s main mission will discuss the link between the music industry and fashion with Ben Gilbert today. Stay tuned for updates and posts on Urban Flair!

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