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Become a tribal Goddess

April 4, 2011

Our fashion for decades has been infatuated with prints and colours from overseas,  the sixties and seventies fully embraced African and Middle Eastern influence. The rich colours, pretty prints, the bold and beautiful patterns still retain that retro appeal whilst creating that hippy and bohemian look.

High street shops have been bombarded with tribal prints for us to go and invade. NOW is the time to inject some life in to your wardrobe with a statement print. The key thing to remember is that you want to look colourful and fun!

Aldo bring you the key accessories to look like a bohemian babe.

You can’t go wrong with this tribal print maxi dress for only £32 from Miss Selfridge!

Rich silks and ikat prints accessorized with luxe jewellery and woven bags. Then of course finished with essential patterned platforms.  These are the key essentials in to getting this look right. A celeb who can do no wrong when it comes to this signature look is Beyonce. She is known for being daring and feminine when it comes her personal style. Here she flaunts her voluptuous curves in an exotic print.

Beyonce's kaftan gets a thumbs up!

Tips on how to wear tribal:

  • If there is a brown in the print you’re wearing introduce leathers e.g your bag, shoes or belt. It makes the outfit look a lot more chic.
  • If you want to go for the tribal look but you feel hesitant because you don’t want to look OTT then opt for a tribal print top with a simple skirt. If you’re feeling more daring go for some bold jewellery and colourful footwear.
  • To give your outfit that finishing touch you need jewellery! Make sure that you bring colours to create a summery and fiery vibe to your look. If your garments consist of browns then wood textured accessories would work wonders. If there are bright colours in your clothing you need to bring in the vibrancy through the jewellery for an balanced look.

Emily, 19 from London modelling a pretty peacock print maxi dress.

Amy, 19 from Eastbourne modelling an exotic print maxi dress.

These two girls tick all of the above. Both of them model colourful and fun prints. These outfits can be edgy or sophisticated and easily dressed up or down!

Yasmin AKA Hight Street Hunny =)

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