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French Connection app. From store to palm.

March 24, 2011

This month, I found that French Connection have launched an iPhone app which not only allows users to browse the full catalogue, it gives you the option to make safe purchases using only the app!
I think this is brilliant. It gives users the freedom to buy/browse whenever and wherever they are, allowing them access to the store, online or on their phone. It’s clearly another way for FC to reach out to the consumerbase and maintain a firm grip on them; but why not? With everything though, negative points can be raised. This is the first of its kind and if it becomes a popular method of sale with different companies and institutions it’s giving people less of a reason to actually leave the comfort of their own home.

Naturally, we should all be encouraged to go out and make physical interactions, but think about it. There may be a crazy sale going on that you just can’t get to because of other committments. This new app is perfect for those desperate times when you really want something but just don’t have to time to log onto a computer or head down to the closest store.

It’s giving us another reason to shop at French Connection, it’s just so accessible to us wherever we are, and the clothes are great there anyway! If only the app gave special discounts to the app users every once in a while, it’d seriously broaden their reach.

If any of you have an iPhone then you really should invest in this app. If you’re a keen French Connection shopper that is. It’ll not be long until it’s available for other smartphones too so Android users need not wait too long!
Techy Chique x

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