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Covent Garden

March 23, 2011

Here are a few snaps I took when I went to Covent Garden. They’re just people who stood out to me for different reasons.

I liked the way this girl had used double denim but made sure to use different shades of blue. The guy she was with had a fun colour code which was really refreshing.

To some, she doesn’t look too eye-catching. To me, I really liked what she was wearing. It was very simple, she had a nice blouse on underneath the jumper which is a nice shade of brown. I think it would’ve looked better with a quirky broach though but she still looks good – and comfy.

I loved these tights! I think it was the pattern that instantly caught my eye. I prefer tights with a pattern on because it’s something different and you can wear something plain and jazz it up with some funky tights. Thumbs up!



I think this look is very cute and summer-ready. The blouse is very cute and I love the denim skirt.  It’s a nice high waisted skirt which cinches in the waist which is never a problem – unless you’ve just eaten and need the extra room. The cute little shoulder bag doesn’t overwhelm the outfit either, it’s very simple. Think she could’ve done with a bigger jacket though, it’s not summer yet!


Techy Chique x

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